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In India and the rest of the world, telescopes are still considered to be novelty. We will aim to bridge that gap. The idea is simple. We place a telescope on a sidewalk and invite people to watch for free. Everyone is welcome!

You can contribute to the event as a volunteer also.

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Sidewalk Astronomy

Sidewalk astronomy is a concept in which telescopes are placed on a pavement/footpath for people to enjoy a view of the celestial objects.


Sidewalk Astronomy sessions are for everyone and are free of charge.

Telescope and Camera Handling workshop

A lot of people buy a telescope and are not able to use them due to lack of knowledge. Instrument handling workshops will be one of our priorities and will also include camera handling techniques to take photos of the Evening/Night sky.

Overnight Observations

Astronomy cannot be done by sitting in a room. To enjoy it more, occasional observations to the outskirts of the city will be organized. Everything would be crowd-funded. You can carry your own equipment. Everything will be at your own responsibility except for the science.


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Events which are of special interest will highlighted in Green and Red Colour.

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